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A sojourn Down Under to Sydney and its myriad attractions can make visitors feel all is right-side-up with the world. As the gateway to Australia, hilly Sydney is the country’s largest, oldest and liveliest city, historically textured by a somewhat scarlet past. In , nearly half of Sydney’s scant 5, population was composed of convicts and women transported in for prostitution. Convict labor created some of the sprawling city’s finest buildings. Red-light King’s Cross remains a magnet with trendy clubs and cafes along with colorful sleaze for ogling. To jump start the day, head toward Victoria Street and its coffee houses. For shopping, especially for quality Australiana, Sydney brims with malls, arcades, department stores, gift shops and boutiques yielding opals and other stones, leather goods, paintings and Aboriginal artifacts.

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History of Jewish radio in Australia. Jewish History Australia , and agitation arose for establishing an AM radio Station in Sydney, broadcasting from a Jewish perspective. Leading Rabbi Dr Israel Porush, of the Great Synagogue, who was born in Jerusalem was involved with the organising committee. Jewish dating program for year.

Fine in burgundy leather-grained cloth with gilt lettering on front cover and spine. Foreword by the Chancellor, Sir Buri Kudu. Stapled softcover, first edition, gms, 75 pages. Book is in good condition with mild general wear and tear and light page discolouration throughout. Front cover shows some discolouration, spotting and general wear, otherwise no other pre-loved markings.. Previous owners name in ink.

Pictures of this item not already displayed here available upon request. Light card cover illustrated. Stapled Pages 38 complete. Anecdotes, war gripes, humour, poetry etc. Plus goodwill message from commander. Gallipoli, for the average Australian, is the most famous battle that our volunteer soldiers ever fought, because it was our first entry as a nation into the war, and our people were keen to prove themselves. It would be, however, a long time before the families back home, and the nation as a whole, heard of the terrible conditions on the peninsula and the waste of life that took place there.

Wentworth byelection battle exposes deep-seated Liberal and national divisions

With his then employer, prime minister John Howard, in Canberra in Courtesy of Josh Frydenberg Greg Hunt describes Frydenberg as “the best networker I know, in a profession where there is a very high threshold for that”. Frydenberg and Hunt have been close friends for more than 20 years:

It is also not just because a threatened boilover in a seat that houses Australia’s largest Jewish community has in the affluent suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne dating back to the late.

Play Video In one secret, legally recorded telephone conversation, prominent Melbourne criminal lawyer Alex Lewenberg tells a victim of St Kilda Yeshivah centre sex offender David Cyprys he should not have co-operated with police. Advertisement Prominent criminal barrister Alex Lewenberg allegedly told a victim of a sex offender he should not have co-operated with police.

Penny Stephens “Because there is a tradition, if not a religious requirement that you do not assist against Abraham and I was concerned about that … moserprinciple. Members of ultra-orthodox communities who assist police are often ostracised and given the derogatory label of “moser” or informer. Fairfax Media emailed Mr Lewenberg questions about the conversation with the victim on Tuesday. He replied that “the factual allegations as set out in your communications are not correct”.

Mr Lewenberg was telephoned by the victim in October after the victim had heard talk in the Jewish community about the barrister’s alleged displeasure at him assisting police with Cyprys’ prosecution. Jason South On the recording, Mr Lewenberg initially said he should not be speaking to the victim as the matter was before court.

But he then went on to express his thoughts on the victim’s assistance to police and his dislike of a Jew informing secular authorities on another Jew. Victoria’s Legal Services Commissioner, Michael McGarvie, said while he could not comment on the specific conversation between Mr Lewenberg and the victim, there was a general principle that made it impermissible for a lawyer to tell a witness they could not inform police about a matter because of a religious or community rule.

Fairfax Media has also obtained a series of emails which show how three influential members of St Kilda’s Yeshivah community asserted that the victim’s assistance to police in the Cyprys case had “crossed red lines” and had the “potential to undermine the [Yeshivah] centre.

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Jews successfully established themselves in the garment trades and in the needle unions in New York. By the s they were a major political factor in New York, with strong support for the most liberal programs of the New Deal. By the mid s, however, the Black Power movement caused a growing separation between blacks and Jews, though both groups remained solidly in the Democratic camp.

The gateway to everything Jewish in Australia, and Jewish life worldwide. Events, Jewish holidays, song words, dances, genealogy, barmitz vah info, film, festivals, culture. Sydney: Network Keeping you Speed Dating Melbourne: QikMix Meet 10 new people in just one hour.

The Synagogue has stood on its present site for well over a hundred years, since , but the congregation itself has a history going back at least fifty years before that date, to the decade of the s. One of them, Joseph Levy, who died on 15 April , was the first Jew to be buried on Australian soil; but his burial was without any Jewish rites, and it took many years for Jewish practice to make itself evident on the Australian scene.

Only after three decades did Joseph Marcus, a German-born convict with a good Hebrew education, succeed in gathering 30 or so Jews together for regular worship. By the end of the s a few free settlers had arrived. He commenced regular services in his home in George Street. Resenting his ambitions, another group started services; the rival congregations continued, but without government recognition, until when peace was made by Rabbi Aaron Levy of London, who had braved the long voyage to Australia to arrange a religious divorce between a Jewish man in New South Wales and his wife in London.

Whilst here, Levy corrected a number of irregularities that had crept into the services. A petition to Governor Darling for a Jewish house of worship had previously been refused. Now, however, there were 25 free Jewish settlers, and they included influential people from distinguished families such as Joseph Barrow Montefiore:


Accommodation International Flights Domestic Flights Tours Travel Insurance Car Hire Visas Shopping Dating Humour Amazing Australian Blunders Australia’s people are usually pretty smart and ingenious, otherwise they never would have been able to settle this country of vast distances, climatic extremes and poisonous animals, but over the years they have made some real blunders too, below is a small selection of them; Books have been filled with Aussie blunders!

Imagine the embarrassment of authorities responsible for security when members of ABC satire program The Chasers managed to drive through all security with a fake motorcade. Their convoy of vehicles, motorbikes and security on foot looked that professional that police waved them through several checkpoints and only when one of them got out of the car disguised as Osama Bin Laden was the whole prank discovered and a TV audience of three million people had a good laugh!

ASIO and Jack Roche Jack Roche had overcome his drinking problems by converting to Islam, but unfortunately this brought him into contact with some hardliners and he went to training camps in Afghanistan where he met Osama bin Laden and was instructed to film Israeli embassies in Australia and gather information on a Jewish businessman from Melbourne. Back in Oz he got some doubts about the operation and rang ASIO, Australia’s version of the CIA, and left a message on their answering machine that he had just returned from a training mission in Afghanistan and had some valuable information on terrorism.

Sydney, Australia: University of New South Wales Press Ltd, Paperback, First Edition, gms, pages. Guide to Parks of Sydney is a comprehensive listing of a selection of the best public parks in and around Sydney.

View all announcements More significant for domestic politics would be the demonstration effect that a Liberal loss in Wentworth would have for sitting Liberal MPs who were instrumental in Turnbull’s downfall. Warringah, another long-time blue-ribbon Liberal seat, is held by Turnbull’s political nemesis, and one-time Liberal prime minister, Tony Abbott. Kathryn Ridge, who has stood as an independent in the state seat of Manly, which covers parts of Warringah, told The Australian Financial Review that local community groups like Voices of Warringah, People of Warringah and the Northern Suburbs Environmental Stewards include Liberal Party members “quite open about the role of our local member [Tony Abbott] in wrecking the Liberal Party”.

As a result, “there’s a high likelihood of an independent, who is really well-known, standing”. Like in Wentworth, many Liberal voters in Warringah are conservative on economic policy, but, in contrast to Mr Abbott and other right-wing Liberals, are concerned about issues like climate change and the indefinite detention of refugee families, including children, on Nauru. They also support same-sex marriage. This division between party conservatives like Abbott and social progressives like Turnbull that has resonated in the Wentworth byelection campaign has roots in the affluent suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne dating back to the late transport tycoon, Gordon Barton, forming the Liberal Reform movement more than half a century ago.

The issues may be different, but historic tensions have been inflamed like an old wound by the Turnbull-Abbott war and Turnbull’s political defenestration in August. They will be electorally acted out in Saturday’s byelection, with possibly dramatic results, in one of Australia’s original 65 federation seats, which, up to now, has never left the conservative side of Australian politics.

In a last-minute attempt to overcome those tensions, John Howard toured Wentworth with Liberal candidate Dave Sharma on Thursday, warning that a big protest vote by Liberal Party supporters angered by Turnbull’s ouster would inflict significant damage on the Coalition government led by his successor, Scott Morrison. However, Turnbull’s studied refusal to provide vocal support, and incendiary comments by his son, Alex, and another former Liberal leader — and one-time member for Wentworth — John Hewson, have, in psychotherapy terms, acted as permission agents for cranky Liberal supporters to stray.

A last-minute intervention by former Liberal prime minister John Howard reflects the byelection’s significance. Nick Moir The danger for the Liberal Party is that the wound will fester.

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Anyone else spending Xmas Day alone? Each day is a new day, and time is how we spend it. I gave up on religion as it doesn’t make sense to me once I learned about the universe and our place in it. Jewish ethnic American gay atheist a few years older than you, retired for years, living in Las Vegas, with my old cat and have several friends locally

Amazing Australian Blunders Australia’s people are usually pretty smart and ingenious, otherwise they never would have been able to settle this country of vast distances, climatic extremes and poisonous animals, but over the years they have made some real blunders too, below is a small selection of them;.

For American Jews, the fact that this government has aligned itself so strongly with the Trump administration presents a huge problem, because most American Jews — for whatever they might like about Nikki Haley at the UN, or scuttling the Iran deal, or moving the embassy to Jerusalem — American Jews are overwhelmingly opposed to Trump. So what does it mean when the nation-state of the Jews is aligned with him?

From the Israeli perspective, you have an American Jewish community that, for example, overwhelmingly supported the Iran deal, something they see as an existential threat. He got that from us. For 50 years, the Jewish American community has outsourced its identity to Israel. It has not focused on what it means to be a Jew… It has focused on Israel. What does it mean to be a Jew? It means to be uncritical of Israel and to give unconditional support to Israel.

He was saying the messaging that we have been telegraphing for 50 years. Even the right-wing Jews — remember when we had the disengagement from Gaza and tons of American Jews on the right came out and said this was a terrible idea… The right-wing and the left-wing of the Jewish community in America — and also people in the middle — have been critical of Israel for quite some time.

Another, she said, was the ongoing conflict in Syria. Even now, near the end of her term, Ambassador Nikki Haley continues to show the world the meaning of courage and moral clarity. And the people of Israel will always be grateful. Drug dependency is enslavement, for the user and his or her family and society, and treatment an emancipation.

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For service to business and commerce, particularly through promoting international trade and contributing to company and commercialisation development in Australia, to the community through administrative roles with educational institutions, and as a supporter of the arts. For service to religion as Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia, as a renowned theologian, and significant contributor to international interfaith collaboration. For service to the arts through charitable support and developing policy initiatives, to business and commerce as a company director, to education, and to the community through a range of philanthropic endeavours.

The department is concerned with a number of major areas: the Classical Hebrew language of the Old Testament of the Bible, bible studies, modern Hebrew, Yiddish language and literature, and Jewish civilisation, thought and culture. – Research Supervisor Connect – University of Sydney, Australia.

Is Russia on the edge of economic collapse? If you recall during the Reagan s, there was a huge artificial drop in oil prices in an effort to collapse the far more fragile Soviet economy, which was even then exporting energy resources, and was ONLY one of the MANY factors that set into motion the eventual collapse of the USSR. So, the same tactic of a sudden drop of oil prices is tried again to collapse the RF economy, and the Russians mostly yawn this time around.

The figures Putin cites in his press conference evinces that Russia is in pretty good shape with trillions of rubles in various reserves, enormous gold reserves of which some 55 tons pretty sure of that figure were bought or accumulated just in the third quarter. Unemployment is way down, and all of the social welfare obligations are being met. Putin is comparing the current economic situation to , and that some of the same measures will be taken as were taken then.

Nabiullina an ethnic Tartar has some very impressive credentials http: We can pick up an Old Testament, a New Testament, or any other historical document from any ancient culture, and it records the same thing; hatred for the Jews. The media in this country, and for the most part, every white nation on earth is now under the control of the Jews. And because of this, you will never find any discussions of the reasons why, only constant moans of the poor, innocent Jew who is hated and oppressed for no reason at all.

No one has ever been hated as deeply or for as long as the Jews without some damned good reasons behind that hatred… By studying ancient history on up to present day, we find a pattern.

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