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Highlander was just a movie. No, Frylock, Highlander was a documentary, and the events happened in real time. Particle physicists have written much on the possibilities of multiple universes. Every single subatomic possibility spawns its own unique universe , each of which in turn spawns new universes from each of its own subatomic possibilities, creating the vast web of The Multiverse. Daydream Believers are fans who believe that the events, characters, and places depicted in their favorite work are, in some form or another, real. They range from accepting this as a mere possibility to convinced of it as a fact; many Handwave their beliefs by just calling it an Alternate Universe of Real Life. Authors can occasionally perpetuate this sort of thinking in fans, whether deliberately or accidentally. Some authors like to claim that their characters have a mind of their own, or that stories just spring fully formed into their head from some unknown source. Recursive Canon tropes like the Literary Agent Hypothesis may suggest in the text that the work really happened.

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It is possible that man may sometimes return on the track of evolution, and it is my belief that an awful lore is not yet dead. Not many weeks ago, on a street corner in the village of Pascoag, Rhode Island, a tall, heavily built, and wholesome-looking pedestrian furnished much speculation by a singular lapse of behaviour. He had, it appears, been descending the hill by the road from Chepachet; and encountering the compact section, had turned to his left into the main thoroughfare where several modest business blocks convey a touch of the urban.

At this point, without visible provocation, he committed his astonishing lapse; staring queerly for a second at the tallest of the buildings before him, and then, with a series of terrified, hysterical shrieks, breaking into a frantic run which ended in a stumble and fall at the next crossing. Picked up and dusted off by ready hands, he was found to be conscious, organically unhurt, and evidently cured of his sudden nervous attack.

He muttered some shamefaced explanations involving a strain he had undergone, and with downcast glance turned back up the Chepachet road, trudging out of sight without once looking behind him.

By R. Alain Everts In his autobiography, While the Sirens Slept (London, Jarrolds, Ltd., n.d.), Lord Dunsany on page 21 describes only briefly his lecture at the Copley Plaza in Boston in late October of No doubt he had no inkling that sitting in the audience was a neophyte, and America’s finest author-to-be of the phantasy genre, Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

Contemporary news about H. Wednesday, March 30, 20 bizarre facts and bits of interesting trivia about H. Lovecraft Above is one of the rare photos where horror writer and “weird fiction” legend H. Lovecraft is attempting a smile. It’s a fitting way to kick off these 20 facts and bits of trivia about a now famous author who lived much of his life in poverty, died in a agony and was almost entirely unknown and unread until after his death: When Lovecraft was 3 his father went insane and died 5 years later, most likely from “general paresis of the insane” caused by syphilis.

Lovecraft’s first attempt at writing the “weird fiction” he would later become famous for is a story called “The Noble Eavesdropper. His first published work was a letter about “astronomical matters” that was printed in The Providence Sunday Journal in Lovecraft became a prolific letter writer and by some accounts wrote 87, letters during his lifetime.

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Arthur Schopenhauer When the master of the ghost story M. James makes a sensational mistake, for he does not realize that adjective is the access key to the core of the fantastic literature where man is often to face, with his own might only, an awfully chaotic world and, for this, unlikely to be understood by human rationality. It describes the terrible fear the unknown causes, where human condition is literally subject to indecipherable events.

Sometimes Ian goes by various nicknames including s ian lovecraft and s i lovecraft. Ian is now single. Other family members and associates include elizabeth walton. undefined has a reported annual income of $, – $,

There’s Cthulhu, who we met in Haiti, if you recall, and the Gods of Ragnarok, who Ace will tell you about if you ask her nicely, and Nyarlathotep, who I sincerely hope never to encounter. And Dagon, who was worshipped by the Sea Devils, and the entity known as Hastur the calling himself Fenric and who Ace will not tell you about no matter how nicely you ask.

In any given series you’re going to have the Vampire episode, the Sherlock Holmes episode; you’ll probably get the HAL episode what are you doing, Doctor? The paragraph above is taking this, perhaps, to an extreme. The Cthulhu mythos, named after its most famous representative, is the “world” of a collection of stories centred by the works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, dating from the nineteen-twenties and thirties.

But when an author uses any combination of blasphemous, shapeless entities from beyond the confines of three- dimensional space, and strange cults independent of the axis of Satanism; mentions “Arkham”, “Miskatonic University” or “the Necronomicon”; and above all speaks of the utter insignificance of humanity in the scale of the cosmos, and its total irrelevance to the things that inhabit that cosmos, they are demonstrating the legacy of Lovecraft to the literature of horror. And the mythos itself is still being used today; Stephen King, for instance, wrote the short stories Crouch End and Jerusalem’s Lot, the latter all but a duplication of Lovecraft’s own writing style.

Film-makers have it harder. The mythos is so detailed, and is so notorious for its horrors-that-cannot-be-described, that evoking it on screen is vastly difficult. Consider being faced with the following description: No — it wasn’t that way at all. It was everywhere — a gelatin — a slime — yet it had shapes, a thousand shapes of horror beyond all memory. There were eyes — and a blemish. It was the pit, the maelstrom — the ultimate abomination.

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The Classic Horror Stories. Edited by Roger Luckhurst. Oxford University Press, The book under review was compiled by Roger Luckhurst, a professor of modern literature at Birkbeck College in the University of London.

 · Lovecraft was born in August and lived with his father, Winfield Scott Lovecraft, and mother, Sarah Susan Phillips, at Angell Street in Providence, which looks out on an archipelago of

On her blog, she does actually provide a recommended order, here: Technically, Lovecraft only wrote one novel: The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. If you want to thoroughly enjoy Lovecraft’s writing, in my opinion, you should purchase two books: The Best Weird Tales of H. Lovecraft and Eldritch Tales: A Miscellany of the Macabre. Both books encompass He simply used his “mythos” as a backdrop for his stories. And make no mistake; he was selling these stores simply to put food on the table.

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Thu Dec 3, 3: Back in , being then a newbie to the Old Ones, I asked a bunch of artist friends: Just what is it about Cthulhu and Co. If fun is the right world?

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Olaus Wormius So is the Necronomicon real? The answer may be another question entirely: The normative, majority opinion is that the book is entirely fictional and that any other position is either self-delusion or prevarication. And why should we even care? It is because of the light that this issue can shed on the question of how the provenance of an authentic text is determined. The provenance of a text is a set of criteria which scholars use to evaluate its authenticity.

First of all, a text is usually referenced in other historic texts. For instance, the Book possibly Books of Enoch were mentioned in the Bible.

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Lovecraft was born on August 20, in Providence, Rhode Island. Lovecraft was reciting poetry at the age of two and when he was three years old, his father suffered a mental breakdown and was admitted to Butler Hospital. He spent five years there before dying on July 19, of paresis, a form of neurosyphillis. During those five years, Lovecraft was told that his father was paralyzed and in a coma, which was not the case.

Lucifer Lovecraft, born James Bird, pleaded guilty to pursuing a course of conduct which amounted to the harassment of Toni Davey, whose husband is the frontman of Cradle of Filth. The year-old.

Plot[ edit ] The story focuses around the narrator and his friend St. John, who have a deranged interest in robbing graves. They constantly defile crypts and often keep souvenirs of their nocturnal expeditions. Since they reside in the same house, they have the opportunity to set up a sort of morbid museum in their basement. Using the objects they collect from the various graves they have robbed, they organize the private exhibition.

The collection consists of headstones, preserved bodies, skulls, and several heads in different phases of decomposition. It also included statues, frightful paintings, and a locked portfolio bound in tanned human-skin.

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